Non fiction

“Kill The Black One First” by Michael Fuller – Review

For anyone to rise to the rank of Chief Constable must take talent and dedication. To do so against the backdrop of racism and hatred from all parts of society that this author endured during his career is truly astonishing. Add this to a childhood spent in care, with only patchy contact with his birth parents, and a determination to join the police at the age of 16 despite many people counselling him against it, and you can’t help but be in awe of the grit that this man shows.

This is an uncomfortable read in many places, shining a light on attitudes that were truly hurtful, but his spirit, determination and empathy shine through. There are some lovely vignettes too, as he comes across people later in his career that he encountered at the start. It’s also a touching tribute to some of those working within the care system who loved and believed in him. I would have loved to see a little more from his time at the pinnacle in his career, but overall I was touched, saddened and impressed by this book. Recommended.

This review is of an advance copy from NetGalley and Bonnier Books.

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